Friday, 7 April 2017

Pie Pastry

Today at tech we finished making our pies. Last week we made our beef pie filling and this week we made the pastry. We had to collect two types of pastry and roll them. Then we had to measure the pastry with the pie dish and cut the pastry to fit the pie dish. We then added the filling from last week into the pie and put some cheese on top. Next we had to cut more of the pastry to put on top. After that we had to make a letter or symbol with the left over pastry so that you know it's yours. The final step was to brush the egg mixture onto the pie and give the tray to Mrs Heka to put in the oven. When the pies came out of the oven we had to take a photo and then blog about our day at tech.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Math Solving

In maths we had to create an DLO and solve the question. The question that we had to answer is if you saved 20 litres of water each day for a week. How many litres would have you saved?. This maths DLO that I have made shows you what the questions is and how I solved it. We were allowed to use any strategy that we wanted as long as the question can be answered. We also had to write on our DLO why we used the strategy and because we used it. 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Duffy Assembly

After morning tea in the hall we had Duffy Assembly. To start the duffy assembly we had to sing the duffy song read all about it. The visitors that we had at our school for the duffy assembly were Madison, Filipe, Kathrine, Bow, and Donna. Madison, Filipe, and Kathrine explained how reading helped them get to where they are now and how much fun it is to read books. Filipe, Kathrine, and Madison are also opera singers and they showed us a little performance on what they do as opera singers. After the little performance all three of them were asked to help hand out the duffy books. As soon as the book were handed out and Kathrine, Filipe, and Madison had sat down Mia asked Donna and Bow if they would like to say something so they told us about what they do at main freight. They also told us how books helped them in life at times and it was just really interesting to listen to what they had to say about books. When Donna and Bow sat down Mr Johnston said a few words and said thank you to the visitors for coming to our school and sharing there talents and thoughts of books with us. To finish the duffy assembly off we took a group photo and had to wait quietly for our teachers to take us back to class.

Kokako Lodge Diary

Today I have finally finished the last task for our camp. My Kokako Lodge diary is the last and final task that I have done and there will be no more DLO's about camp on my blog. I have used flip snack to make my diary and am really proud of my self because I learnt how to use flip snack all by myself. My diary explains what we did on the four days at camp. If you would like to have a look at the website flip snack here is the link: I hope that you enjoyed my diary and I also hope that you have fun exploring flip snack.

Kokako Lodge Brochure


These brochures I have made are part of the tasks that we have had to create for our camp tasks. I had to make two google drawings and fill them with information about Kokako Lodge. We had to make two google drawings for the inside and the outside of the brochure. The inside of my brochure is the DLO with the photo of our class Room LS2 at camp and the outside of my brochure is the drawing with the Kokako Lodge logo on it.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Kokako Bird Infographic

Another one of the camp tasks that we had to create was an infographic of the kokako bird. This DLO that I have made tells you the habitat of the bird, the appearance, and some facts. The pictures that are on my DLO are also attributed so you can have a look at the licences and sites they comes from. 

Picture Story

Since we got back from Kokako Lodge we have been doing camp DLO's every day for the past two weeks. One of the DLO's we had to create was a picture story. We had to find images that best described what we did, and needed to find photos from day one, day two, day three, and day four. I chose these photos because they show and describe what activities we did, how we did them and the fun we had.