Monday, 14 December 2015

Story board writing

Last week in room nine we had to write a narrative story and publish it on our blogs. This week we had to publish our story's on story bird then publish that on to our blogs.

Monday, 7 December 2015

The Golden Fleece

  The Golden Fleece

Jason’s father had been killed by Jason’s brother Pelias. After Pelias took over the kingdom, Jason got sent to live with Chiron. Chiron was a half man and half horse he looked after Jason for a long time and teached him how to  be strong like how to fight and how to be a leader. When Jason was old enough to return to his home  his brother had a plan to get rid of him. Pelias would not let Jason be king util Jason had found the golden fleece. The fleece was guarded by soldiers and dogs so it was gonna be hard to get into the castle to get the golden fleece. To get the golden fleece Jason had to travel to Colchis to get a boat built. The name of the person who built the boat  was Argos and boat’s name was Argo.

Jason collected a group of fighters to go with him on the quest. Jason called them arg after the boat. Him and the crew had so many cool adventures. On there way to Colchis they were attacked by their enemies.They captured the Harpies. They escaped the furies of clashing rocks in the Greek seas and they were attacked by big birds with bonzey feathers. All the time but being protected by goddess hera because Jason helped her in his earlier life time. Finally they got to Colchis but the king did not want to let go of the fleece so the king pretended to be welcoming Jason but he set Jason 3 tasks to show that he was fit enough to be the owner of the golden fleece. Jason would not have passed the test if it wasn't for the king’s daughter Medea who fell in love with Jason. Jason’s task’s were attached to big dangerous bulls.

Medea warned Jason he was being tricked. The bulls that the king would give him could breath fire and the seeds he had to grow were magic dragon teeth. Also the crop that will grow would turn into an army of soldiers that would kill him so Medea helped him.  Medea gave him a secret magic potion so he would not get burnt by the bulls he also had a big shield so that the fire would reflect off the shield and onto  bulls. So he wore gloves and he could take on the soldiers by himself because he was a strong young man. Jason had won the fight and the king let him be the owner of the golden fleece. He then fell in love with Medea and they became a good family and they lived happily ever after.