Thursday, 28 July 2016

Book character parade

 This week is book week. We had to dress up as any book character. In the morning we had an assembly for book week. Every class had to take a photo with there costumes on. This is a photo of my class LS2 .My two teachers dressed up as witches.This is a photo of a bunny.It came in the hall with a envelope and  the bunny gave the envelope to my teacher Mrs Anderson. Mrs Anderson read the letter inside the envelope. After all the classes had taken there photos we all had to go back to class.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Attributing the Olympic rings

Yesterday for reading we did Attributing. We had to find photos that was labeled for reuse. Then go to the site and find out who the author was and what the licence is. Then you put the web page on the slide and finally put the photo on the google slide.

Friday, 8 July 2016


Yesterday Lynne Le Gros from spark came to our class and spoke to us about leadership. The year 8's went first then the year 7's went second. She gave us a note pad and we had to write our role model leader with a reason. If it was a sports person you had to put your note under the sports line, if it was a family member you had to put it in the family line, and if is was a world leader you had to put it under that line. Once we finished that Lynne gave us a card that you had to write your dream and your dream for NZ. We are also thankful for he giving us some gifts like a hat, a note book, a pen, a drink bottle, and a bag. Thanks spark.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Story Starters - The House

The House

One day there was a police officer by the name of James he was just a normal cop. Until the day he got promoted he had been sent to another town and became an investigator. He was new at it but he started getting the hang of it. He had to wake up early in the morning and go to work all the cases that he worked on were very easy.

But then one day he had been given a serious crime the case was of a family that had hanged themselves. He was sitting in his office when he had thought of an idea that he was going to move into the house that the crime was at. So he moved homes the next day he went out to the back yard to look for anything that would help him solve the crime, but there was nothing.He went back inside and unpacked all his stuff it took him two days to finish unpacking his stuff.

His house was finally finished and he could get back to work, he looked around the house for evidence but no luck there. That night when James was asleep he woke up from a nightmare he had heard a noise then he got up and went to look around the house no one was there, so he thought. James looked out the windows still nobody he opened the door no one he looked out the window that showed the tree of the family that had hanged themselves.

He could see a little shadow go past he went outside to have a look. There was nobody, But then he turned around and there was a dog. The dog ran away then James went back inside. James went back to sleep. When he woke up the next morning he found movie films in the basement. It took him a whole day to watch all the films he finally found some answers in the films.the films were of the family dying on the tree and of what happened.

He had showed the police the film of the family and he found the truth the family didn’t hang themselves a man named Pam Joseph forced them to hang themselves or he would kill their daughter Sophie. James moved in to another house and carried on with his life.


Today for writing we did story starters. I had to Write a horror story about a young police officer who solves crimes.

Life Education

Today LS2 year 7's went to the life education caravan. We also met heralds friend bob. We learnt how our kidneys, Heart, and our Brains work. Our teacher is the same teacher from last year Nicole.