Monday, 30 March 2015

All about me

             All about me
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My name is Jorja and I am in room 9 I was born in New Zealand and I am half Tongan and half Maori. I also go to Panmure Bridge School and my teacher name is Mr.Wong.I want to talk about my family, hobbies, home and my likes.
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I like going to the shop,eating ice-cream,playing with my cousins,going to the beach,playing netball,going to school,swimming and other stuff.
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My hobbies are playing outside,going on my chromebook,playing on my ukulele,playing on my guitar and my talent is singing.
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At home I like to watch tv,play outside,play my ukulele and my guitar.It Is fun because I like playing music and singing.
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My family is very Important because they will always be in my life.I love my family because they help me with my homework and other work.When I am sick my family takes care of me.My family is the most Inportant thing in my life and they always will be.

We had to talk about us and 3 things for what we learnt.I learnt that it is really hard to talk about yourself.We did this because everyone in room 9 wanted to know thing about

each other.

Friday, 13 March 2015

My place value

Today I made a place value house.In the house there are three columns one column was hundreds and the next column was tens and the last column was ones.In the hundreds i put 2 and in the tens column i put 9 and in the ones column i put 7 so it was 297.    

Friday, 6 March 2015

My graph

This Is my graph this week we had to make a graph.First we had to make a suvery we had to choose one question and then we had to go around the class and ask everyone In the class what country they like.After we had asked everyone what country they liked we had to make a graph of the country's people like.we made this graph to learn what room 9 class likes.I learnt that mostly everyone likes new zealand.