Monday, 4 September 2017

Experience Day at Tamaki College

The Yr 8’s stayed at Tamaki College after tech for experience day. Tamaki college had given us a chance to know what it’s like and what we do at college. In maths we played battleship and had so much fun. In science we were learning about static electricity. Mr. Stoddard and Mr. Singh showed us how to bend water with static and he also showed us a cool trick that you can do with static. The last thing that they showed us in science was a cool experiment called elephant toothpaste and that experiment was awesome. Then we had lunch and for lunch they had subway, an apple, an bottle of water, and a muesli bar. Then we had English with Mr Stevenson and that was so fun, we were finding visual images to make connections with new vocabulary. Next we had PE and we played a really cool game with Mr Moyes called turbo touch. Then Tamaki College took us back school.

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